Doktor24 Multiklinika

Doktor24 Multiklinika is the newest and one of the most complex health centres in Budapest, with more than 30 adult and paediatric specialties, advanced diagnostic capabilities, an orthopaedic centre, 30 beds of premium inpatient care and a modern surgical centre. For those arriving by car, the P+R car park in Őrmező, and by public transport, the Kelenföld railway station and Metro 4 (Kelenföld railway station) are just a few steps away from the modern Budapest One office park, home to the Multiclinic.

Parking: click here to find out about parking facilities. The underground car park has a limited number of parking spaces, which can be used by presenting your registration number at the reception desk.


1112 Budapest, Koszorúslány street 1. A. building
+36 1 44 33 200
Palyazat Palyazat
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