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What Doktor24 means? Safety: that you’re in good hands, that we’re looking after you and we’ll take care of you.

The current portfolio of the Doktor24 Group includes outpatient and inpatient clinics in Budapest, the Kastélypark Clinic in Tata with an orthopaedic profile, one of the largest new private hospitals in Budapest, the Doktor24 Multiclinic, which is the newest and one of the most complex health centres in Budapest with more than 30 adult and paediatric practices, advanced diagnostic capabilities, an orthopaedic centre, 30 beds of premium inpatient care and a modern surgical centre. The portfolio also includes the Óbuda Paediatric Health Centre and the sports rehabilitation/regeneration and sports diagnostic centre Doktor24 MOVE.

Doktor24 launched its joint venture with UNION Insurance under the name of Első Magánegészségügyi Hálózat Zrt., which was expanded with a new member, the LIFE Health Centre in Székesfehérvár, in September 2021. Also in 2021, the Da Vinci Private Clinic in Pécs, which is well known in Western Hungary and has a prestigious professional history, was acquired, where 2 surgeons, 22 inpatient beds, 2 delivery rooms, 18 specialist clinics and around 120 doctors serve clients in an exclusive environment.

We now offer primary, outpatient and inpatient care: prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation for children, adults and corporate clients, with more than 950 excellent specialists in 50 specialties, 10 locations and 100 practices – all at affordable prices, even with insurance, in a friendly environment and organised to ensure the shortest waiting times and the most attention for each client.

Thanks to the trust of our customers, Doktor24 has been growing dynamically for years. Our aim is to provide nationwide coverage with our ever-expanding network. We have thirty years of experience in the healthcare sector and in 2019 we were awarded the PRIMUS Association’s Certified Private Healthcare Provider trademark.




Adult specialization
Paediatric specialization
Doctor-patient appointment annually
Successfully performed operation

Complex corporate healthcare solutions tailored to HR needs

In addition to individuals, we also offer complex services tailored to individual needs for our corporate clients:

  • manager screening
  • ophthalmological examination
  • first aid course
  • in cooperation with our partners, we also offer insurance and screening packages as benefits.

Thanks to our client gateway system, we minimise the administrative burden for employers.

Our clients range from the largest corporations to small businesses with just a few employees – over 1500 companies have chosen us as their healthcare partner.



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