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Start here to stay healthy!

Our condition assessment kit gives you the most important information about the state of your body. If you have regular health check-ups, even this basic information can point the way to staying healthy or give you reassurance that you’re on the right track.

The package includes a blood count to provide important information, a chest X-ray to check the health of your lungs and blood vessels, and an ECG to check your heart health. During the tests, our specialist internist will help you review the results, compare them with your personal and family medical history, and then recommend any further tests and treatments you may need.

Who is it recommended for?

Once a year for everyone who is conscious about their health.

What do you need to know about the tests?

  • Arrive on an empty stomach and avoid solid food for the previous 6 hours.
  • The tests and evaluation take about 1 hour.
  • The START condition assessment should be carried out annually.
  • The screening kit has no age limit and is recommended for both men and women.

Additional tailored tests for You

Review the tests included in the START condition assessment package and add any tests you want to include, the results of which are important to you. If you request additional tests recommended by your assessor or chosen individually by you within 5 working days of receiving your START package, you will receive a 10% discount on the list price per item.

If you need a more detailed, specific condition assessment, take a look at our other screening packages and choose from them on favourable terms!

Tests from the START condition assessment screening package:

  • resting ECG examination;
  • small lab package;
  • chest X-ray;
  • a specialist internal medicine examination.


Our outpatient care prices include a HUF 2,800 medical administration fee, which is charged per visit, so if there are multiple visits on the same day, you will only be billed once.

Price of the screening package:

56 800 HUF

+36 1 44 33 200


General information about the screening packages



Resting ECG examination

This routine test checks the health of the heart by converting its electrical signals into signals that can be interpreted by a specialist. This can determine the number of beats per minute, the regularity of the heartbeats and the heart’s electrical conduction. It detects arrhythmias, conduction abnormalities, possible damage to the heart and problems with oxygenation of the heart muscle. It can even give an idea of the thickness of the walls of the chambers that make up the heart and the problems they have. No preparation is needed, but it is worth taking a few minutes’ rest before the test to allow the elevated heart rate caused by walking or climbing stairs to settle down.

Small lab package

After a blood draw, we will perform laboratory tests to measure the most important values in your blood, including your red blood cell count, sedimentation rate, white blood cell count and composition, which indicate the health of your immune system, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), which indicates the health of your tissues.

Chest X-ray

This quick scan is used to look for shadows and abnormalities in the chest organs, especially the lungs, heart, large vessels, ribs and diaphragm. This is an effective way of detecting warning signs such as pneumonia, lung tumours, TB, emphysema, pleural effusion, pulmonary congestion due to heart disease, pneumothorax. The assistant performing the scan will ask you to stand shirtless in the X-ray machine and take a deep breath and then hold your breath. The X-ray image will be ready shortly.

Specialist internal medicine examination

Our doctor will examine you in person before summarising the results of the other tests, help you to establish your personal and family medical history, and then give you a detailed assessment of your health and a written recommendation if he or she thinks further tests are necessary.

Palyazat Palyazat
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