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Doktor24 Multiklinika

Doktor24 Multiklinika is the newest and one of the most complex health centres in Budapest, with more than 30 adult and paediatric specialties, advanced diagnostic capabilities, an orthopaedic centre, 30 beds of premium inpatient care and a modern surgical centre. For those arriving by car, the P+R car park in Őrmező, and by public transport, the Kelenföld railway station and Metro 4 (Kelenföld railway station) are just a few steps away from the modern Budapest One office park, home to the Multiclinic.

Parking: click here to find out about parking facilities. The underground car park has a limited number of parking spaces, which can be used by presenting your registration number at the reception desk.


1112 Budapest, Koszorúslány street 1. A. building
+36 1 44 33 200

Doktor24 Cityzen Health Centre

On 1400 square meters, about 50 pediatric and adult practices, highly qualified doctors with national and international experience, specialists, special specialist practices, our own laboratory and imaging diagnostics are waiting for you in our clinic on Váci út in the XIII. district. Cityzen Health Centre is conveniently accessible by car and public transport.

Parking: parking is possible in the streets of the area and in the P+R car park. This can be time consuming, please arrive accordingly!

1134 Budapest, Váci route 37. I. floor
+36 1 44 33 200

Doktor24 Óbuda Health Centre

Our North Buda clinic is located in Bokor Street, District III, where we offer general adult care, as well as allergology and pediatric specialty practices. The institute is home to the OPTOKID ophthalmology clinic and the renowned specialists of the Svábhegyi Children’s Clinic, who offer half a century of experience and leading expertise in the fields of respiratory, pulmonary, vision, neurological and immunological diseases.

1037 Budapest, Bokor street 17-21. II. floor
+36 1 44 33 200

Doktor24 Lurdy Health Centre

Our headquarter in District IX is conveniently located in Lurdy House. The well-known shopping centre is easily accessible by public transport and parking is convenient. Doctor24 Lurdy Health Centre’s priority is to provide occupational health services to both our corporate partners and individuals.

1097 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán boulevard 12-14.
+36 1 44 33 200

Doktor24 Komárom Health Centre

One of our oldest centres is located in the immediate vicinity of the Komárom industrial park. We provide parking for our customers coming to the centre. The main focus of the centre is occupational health services for both our corporate partners and individuals.

2900 Komárom, Bánki Donát street 3.
+36 34 526 856

Doktor24 Kastélypark Klinika

The Kastélypark Klinika in Tata is a unique musculoskeletal centre within the Doktor24 health network, and a knowledge base for our other institutions. The clinic has been operating since 2003 and is a stronghold of Hungarian sports orthopaedics and rehabilitation, where we have established the world’s leading-edge sports surgery and limb surgery procedures and make them available to Hungarian athletes and patients. The quality of our surgeons and the expertise accumulated here is second to none. This is the foundation of the quality and patient-centred medicine of our Budapest orthopaedic and musculoskeletal specialties.

2890 Tata, Hajdú street 15.
+36 34 381 731

Doktor24 Life Health Centre

The LIFE Health Centre in Székesfehérvár joined the Doktor24 private healthcare network in 2021. Thanks to its outstanding professionalism and expertise, LIFE has become a leading healthcare provider in the region in recent years. Today, it offers 20 types of outpatient specialist care, one-day surgical services and publicly funded breast diagnostics, which is unique in the country as a private provider.

8000 Székesfehérvár, Huszár street 2.
+36 22 340-048 https://www.lifecentrum.hu/

Doktor24 MOVE Health Centre

Doctor24 MOVE is a health centre that takes you from your first consultation, through tests and treatments, to full rehabilitation and recovery. Our aim is to offer physiotherapy, physical and manual therapy and physiotherapy-supported solutions for professional, hobby and amateur athletes, as well as in-house general surgical and orthopaedic surgical services. In doing so, we promote sport and health lifestyle changes and health maintenance that are accessible to everyone.

Our MRI diagnostic service, X-ray examination and occupational health care at the centre will make the range of services offered by the institution truly complex and diverse.

Parking: limited parking is available in the courtyard. There are limited parking spaces available near the nearby apartment buildings.

1138 Budapest, Latorca street 2.
+36 1 44 33 200 https://move.doktor24.hu/

Doktor24 Paks Miniklinika

Doktor24 Mini Clinic is the new health centre in Paks, which will be open from January 2022 with 2 clinics and 5+1 specialties. The Mini Clinic kindly awaits all the visitors. Among our available specialties:

  • internal medicine
  • paediatrics
  • ABPM
  • dermatology
  • orthopaedics
  • radiology/ultrasound
  • laboratory examinations.

X-ray and physiotherapy are available at the Paks Medical Centre, while gynaecology and urology are also available off-site.

7030 Paks, Tolnai route 93.
+ 36 1 44 33 200
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